#LeadLAP Weekly Twitter Chat

If you are someone who leads or aspires to lead, no matter your role, then the Lead Like a Pirate PLN is waiting for you to join us!

Based on the bestselling book Lead Like a Pirate, by Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf, the Saturday morning #LeadLAP Twitter chat engages leaders from around the world in conversations surrounding the most important topics in educational leadership. 

Together, this group of courageous leaders tackles the tough issues in education that have the potential to change the face of “school,” moving them beyond traditional and into places “where students and staff are knocking down the doors to get in rather than out.”

How to Participate

The #LeadLAP Twitter chat takes place every Saturday at 9:30 AM central time. 

In order to join, simply hop on Twitter just before the chat and search the hashtag #LeadLAP. Once you have found the feed, click on the “Latest” tab at the top and you will be able to see the moderators’ questions and all of the participants’ answer tweets as they come through live. Respond to any questions by opening your response tweet with “A1, A2, A3,” (Answer 1, 2, 3, etc.) and close with the hashtag #LeadLAP. The hashtag inputs your response in the feed and the “A1” indicators let others know which question you are responding to.

Be prepared, the chats are engaging and very exciting, and you’ll be learning something new with every interaction. Your connections will grow and so will you!

Be sure to follow the #LeadLAP hashtag throughout the week, too. Leaders from across the globe share thoughts, ideas, resources, and information every minute of the day. And, don’t forget to share your brilliance with us as well--just add the #LeadLAP hashtag to the end of any tweets you feel would benefit the PLN! We’d love to know what you’re learning and what you’re up to!

Follow the #LeadLAP Chat Moderators

Not Familiar with the Twitterverse?

That’s okay! Help is just a few clicks away! Below are some great resources to help you better understand how to begin, engage and grow yourself and your PLN on Twitter.

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Matt Miller’s Beginners Guide to Twitter for Educators

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