GritCrewEDU ignites a transformation in education by shifting mindsets, changing perceptions, and creating strong alliances between faculty, parents, and community partners. GritCrewEDU engages educators in developing an awareness and understanding of antiracism to ensure equitable learning environments for all students.


GritCrewEDU Equity Teams will work to foster shifts in the attitudes and awareness of K-12 educators, parents, and community members on matters of equity, race, and cultural diversity and will allow all parties to develop the confidence to create inclusive, safe, and empathetic learning environments for all students.

Services Available

Keynote Speaking
Racism Awareness Workshops
Equity Team Development
Antiracism Education & Curriculum Development

Here’s what people are saying about GritCrewEDU:

ISD Equity Team

Westhampton Beach, NY

“Traci and Dawn are navigating us through this work with a perfect balance of encouragement and sternness. They are helping us see our own faults and our own misconceptions while consistently reminding us that this is a learning process. I feel very capable with their guidance.”

Bobbie French

Education Leader

“Thank YOU #GritCrewEDU...I am learning to take risks, speak up, follow my heart, stand for antiracism.”

Jay Billy

Principal, Ben Franklin Elementary School

“The Leading By Learning series has helped me to focus my energies as a school leader on issues of equity, antiracism, and helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the history of race in our country.

"Traci and Dawn have led us on an uncomfortable journey of self-reflection and understanding. They have helped to build a community of antiracist educators who are doing the work and sharing with others in order to make systemic change in our world. It is amazing to see the work that so many are doing and each day I’m inspired to be better. I’m honored to be part of this amazing community of passionate people who are doing the work.”

Jill Tully

Elementary Asst. Principal

“I can take risks by joining local community groups who are digging into the systemic work and can see the role I play there. I can consistently start these conversations with staff to keep this at the forefront of our work always.”

Miss Luis

Educator, Canada

“The GritCrewEDU Leading by Learning antiracism series has helped me understand my own bias and prejudice and therefore awakening a need to engage in dialogue so that all can thrive.”


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