Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Professional Development Sessions

2021 events
Antiracism Education Design for Learning
University of San Diego Jacobs Institute Summer Learning Series | July 29

Antiracist Teaching & Learning:
The Path Forward in Antiracism Education
Lakeville Area Schools, MN | May 5

Backward Designing Antiracist Teaching & Learning
Wright State University Equity in Education
Spring Professional Learning Series | April 29

Antiracist Teaching & Learning: Measurement, Trauma-Informed Practice, and Planning for Implementation
Lakeville Area Schools, MN | April 21
#GritCrewEDU Equity: Setbacks Seminar
Westhampton Beach Schools, NY | April 20
Antiracist Teaching & Learning: Backward Designing Antiracist Learning
Lakeville Area Schools, MN | April 13

Antiracist Teaching & Learning:
Opening the Door to Antiracist Classrooms
Lakeville Area Schools, MN | March 26
#GritCrewEDU Equity Committee Launch
Bridgehampton Schools, NY | February 25
Webinar: Developing a Culture of Learning through Effective Feedback
Educators without Borders/School Rubric | January 25

Exploring Diversity through Dystopian Literature
Communication Arts for Educators
High, Deep, and Wide: Planning to Differentiate for Gifted Learners
Monroe Twp Schools, NJ | January 22
Leading by Learning: Grit, Equity, Antiracism, Transformation
Backward Designing Antiracism Education
Sourcewell Technology Impact Education Conference, MN | January 12
#GritCrewEDU Equity Committee: ConnectionPoint Breakout Sessions
Westhampton Beach Schools, NY | January 14
2020 events
Webinar: Inclusive Teaching for Special Needs & Gifted Students
Highr, India | November 6

#GritCrewEDU Equity Committee: Data Disaggregation & Goal Setting
Westhampton Beach Schools, NY | October 21
High, Deep, and Wide: Planning to Differentiate for Gifted Learners
Ohio Association of Gifted Children Annual Conference | October 19
Engaging Learners to Get in the "Flow"
Emergency Home Learning Summit: Rethinking Learning Series
with Barbara Bray | October 15
Implementing Antiracist Curriculum in Our Schools
EdCamp LEAD | October 3
#GritCrewEDU Equity Committee Launch
Westhampton Beach Schools, NY | August 24
past events
It Takes a(n Intentionally Designed) Village: Reaching ALL Students through the Use of Diverse Teaching Teams.
North American Community: Uniting for Equity – Family, Community, and Education: Partnerships in Fostering Peace and Unity, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH (2019)
Synthesizing Information from Multiple Sources
Franklin City Schools, Franklin, OH (2019)

Gifted in the Middle Grades:
Exploring Diversity through Dystopian Literature 
OCTELA Spring Conference, Columbus, OH (2017)

Not Just Tech for Tech’s Sake: Using Technology to Engage and Assess
Making Middle Grades Work Best Practices Showcase, Cincinnati, OH (2017)

Gathering and Assessing Data for Teacher Based Teams
Franklin City Schools, Franklin, OH (2017)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Student Social Development & Learning
Annual Teacher Panel, Wright State University, Dayton, OH (2012-2016) 

The Successful 5-Step Teacher Based Teams Process
Jefferson Township High School, Dayton, OH (2012)

Multicultural & Relevant Technology for Change
National Urban Education Conference
Central State University, Wilberforce, OH (2012)