Coming Fall 2021!

Great teaching doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a darn good plan.

Ever find yourself feeling like your teaching career is sputtering out? Like the career you set out to create for yourself years ago has fallen flat on its face? Or are you new to education and you’re searching for someone, or something, to point you towards the path to greatness in the classroom?

Plan Like a Pirate will help you take your teaching career to the next level by introducing you to methods that will deepen the impact of your classroom teaching practice and that will power up your professionalism, inside and outside the classroom. Packed with proven strategies for captivating students’ imaginations and interests, Plan Like A Pirate will provide you with the know-how to transform your students into passionate learners who won’t simply survive in your classroom, instead they will thrive in your classroom!

As your personal “Journey to Greatness” planbook, this essential resource will deliver you the career you’ve always dreamed of--one in which you aren’t just a “good” teacher, but a Great one!