Hi! I’m Dawn Harris.


Education Undone

At Education Undone, our goal is to show you how to design learning that ignites curiosity, that engages and inspires students, and that will transform your teaching and your students’ lives!

Dawn Harris

M.Ed., Ed.S.

Great teaching doesn't happen by accident. It requires a darn good plan!

~Plan Like a PIRATE


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What We Believe

At Education Undone, we value the belief that being an educator means we are a continual work-in-progress, and we couple this with the notion that the ever-changing nature of our work deems our own education and professional development endless in order for our practice to be considered transformative.

The Education Undone mindset embraces the idea that with the objective of creating impactful learning experiences for students, educators must strive to infinitely reimagine education such that it meets the diverse needs of all learners in the classroom, not just some of them.

What We Offer

Our commitment is to providing educators, administrators, and districts with solutions for creating learning environments in which teachers and students alike are thriving rather than simply surviving.

Education Undone can support your organization in a number of ways:

Keynotes & Workshops

New Educator Mentoring

Veteran Educator Coaching

Curriculum Consulting & Design

Antiracism Education Design

Equity Team Development

In-Service and PD Planning Support

Educators, allow us to assist you on your Journey to Greatness by...

Guiding you through the design of impactful and engaging lessons, activities, and assessments
Helping you to improve your classroom climate through authentic relationship-building strategies
Showing you how to design learning environments that kids can’t wait to enter into each day
Assisting you with achieving Accomplished Educator status by delivering top-tier instruction every cycle
Teaching you to “Power Up” your professionalism by tailoring your own Professional Learning Network
Igniting a renewed sense of purpose through reflective and thoughtful planning for professional growth

Administrators, let us help guide you and your staff in...

Creating equitable classroom environments that foster inclusivity and student-centered learning
Designing learning that incorporates strategies that promote students’ social-emotional development
Understanding and incorporating culturally responsive teaching practices
Identifying and implementing engagement strategies that drive student growth and achievement
Building leadership capacity in educators that fosters growth and improves school climate and culture
Generating confidence and clarity in preparation for and participation in the evaluation process

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